French Interior Minister Facing Rape Allegations: Europe Up to Date

French Interior Minister Benefits from Fifth Case Dismissal in 2009 Rape Allegation:

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin walked away from his fifth legal dismissal for rape allegations filed against him in 2009. This decision clears the way for the heavyweight government minister of President Emmanuel Macron.

The Paris attorney general, Rémy Heitz, confirmed the decision on appeal. “For the fifth time in almost six years, the Justice affirms that no reprehensible act can be imputed to Gérald Darmanin,” celebrated his lawyers, Pierre Olivier-Sur and Mathias Chichportich. The prosecution lawyer, Elodie Tuaillon-Hibon, who appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in the event of a setback, didn’t have the same sentiment.

In 2017, the complainant, Sophie Patterson-Spatz, 50, alleged that Darmanin was part of the legal service of the right-wing UMP party, and during a party he implied a possible support from his office in exchange for a sexual relationship. Both parties admitted to having had sex, but Patterson-Spatz said she was forced. Darmanin’s response was that he gave in to her “charms.”

Despite being under accusation, Macron appointed Darmanin to lead the Interior Ministry. The sexual assault case has raised concerns, as Macron promised to fight against violence against women as part of his campaign promises. (afp)

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