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Free Herbs for Months: Learn Gardening Expert’s Easy Tips to Keep Supermarket Plants Alive Longer

Free Herbs for Months: Learn Gardening Expert’s Easy Tips to Keep Supermarket Plants Alive Longer

Gardening Expert Shares Incredible Tip to Make Shop-Bought Herbs Last for Months

Horticulturist Frances Tophill has taken to the airwaves to reveal her secret for keeping shop-bought herbs alive for longer. In a segment for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Tophill explained how many Brits struggle to maintain indoor herb gardens in their homes, with plants bought from supermarkets often wilting within days. She suggested that plants bought in-store are often crammed into tight spaces, causing them to die quickly.

Tophill’s Simple Solution to Promote Herb Longevity

However, Tophill has a solution to the problem – pot the herbs individually. By giving each herb plant adequate space and room for their roots, they are more likely to thrive for longer. During the segment, Tophill also suggested that taking the tip off basil is another way to keep the herb alive. By doing this, the plant will be encouraged to branch out, leading to new growth.

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Joe Swift Shares Garden Design Tips on the Show

Meanwhile, Joe Swift, the host of the Chelsea Flower Show, shared some affordable tips for brightening up outdoor areas. Alongside planting colourful blooms, Swift recommended incorporating different materials into garden designs. While viewers were impressed by this year’s garden designs, many were also left swooning over presenter Monty Don’s style during the show.

Tophill’s advice is simple yet effective – giving plants adequate space is key to ensuring they thrive for longer. By following her tips, herb plants will last for months, making them a more cost-effective and sustainable way to flavour home-cooked meals.

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