Francisca and Francesco Zampogna welcome their second baby


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Francisca and her husband Francesco Zampogna welcomed their second child, little Franco Raffaele, who was born on Sunday, February 11. The news was announced on Despierta América during a special edition for the Super Bowl. Jessi Rodríguez excitedly shared the news with the audience, expressing her joy at the arrival of the new family member.

The hosts of the show, including Raúl González, were thrilled to share the news and announced that little Franco Raffaele would be making an appearance on the show the following day. Francisca had previously announced her pregnancy on August 11 during a broadcast of Despierta América.

When asked about the choice of the name Franco Raffaele, Francisca explained that she wanted a name that complemented that of her first-born, Gennaro, and also reflected their Italian heritage. After seeking input from her followers, she found the perfect name, which held special significance as it was the name of a beloved relative who had passed away.

Yisus and Jessica also extended their congratulations to Francisca on her second pregnancy. The couple was overjoyed to welcome their new addition to the family and looked forward to sharing the special moment with their fans on the show.

The arrival of little Franco Raffaele brought much happiness to the Zampogna family, and they were grateful for the outpouring of love and support from their fans and well-wishers. As they prepared to introduce their new son to the world, they expressed their gratitude for the blessings they had received and looked forward to the journey of parenthood once again.

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