France’s Macron Denounces Iran’s “Headlong Advance” in Nuclear Program

Macron warns of Iran’s “precipitous advance” in nuclear program

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a peaceful resolution to Iran’s nuclear program after warnings it could reach a “precipitous advance” in its ambitions.

Speaking to Spanish newspaper, El Pais, Macron said a swift and full implementation of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was essential to ensure the safety of the region.

“We must prevent Iran from any precipitous advance in its nuclear program, since the risk of proliferation is present,” Macron said.

Macron also called for a de-escalation of regional tensions between Iran, its regional allies and other states, warning that “the conflict could risk a major open conflict if we are not careful”.

He also warned of any efforts to take unilateral action that would drive away Iran and its allies from potential dialogue.

“We must stick to our commitments and obligations […] and present Iran with a path of d├ętente and stability, urgent and credible, or else the risk of an explosion is high,” Macron added.

The French president’s comments come as the US and European countries have been struggling to save the nuclear deal after Tehran began increasing its enriched uranium production following Washington’s withdrawal in 2018.

Macron concluded his statement by reaffirming the need for mutual dialogue, saying: “We must not give in to the logic of escalation and return to the path of dialogue.”

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