France condemns Russian disinformation campaign supporting Ukraine invasion


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The Government of France has accused Russia of spreading false information to promote the invasion of Ukraine and discredit the Ukrainian authorities. The French Foreign Ministry stated that a propaganda network called ‘Portal Kombat’ was involved in this campaign, with 193 web pages aimed at deceiving European public opinion, particularly the French.

The General Secretariat of Defense and National Security described the content of the network as “very ideologically oriented” and containing inaccurate or misleading narratives. The network initially covered information from Russian and Ukrainian locations, but after the Russian invasion, it shifted its focus to occupied Ukrainian territories and other Western countries, including France.

The network does not produce original content, but instead disseminates publications from social media accounts of Russian or pro-Russian users, Russian press agencies, and official sites of institutions. To reach a broader audience, the network has used mass content automation and search engine optimization techniques.

The French government strongly condemned these information maneuvers and reaffirmed its support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. It also emphasized its commitment to exposing and defeating manipulation attempts of Russian origin to protect French and European citizens.

Paris has vowed to continue unmasking information maneuvers and efforts to defeat manipulation attempts of Russian origin. The French government is determined to protect its citizens from false information and propaganda. France stands in solidarity with Ukraine and will not be swayed by attempts to manipulate public opinion.

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