France: 60% of Controlled Influencers Engage in Irregularities

French anti-fraud service finds 60% of monitored “Influencers” to have committed irregularities

The Ministry of Economy in France has revealed in a statement that 60% of “influencers” monitored by the French anti-fraud service have committed some type of irregularity upon assessment.

The irregularities range from lack of disclosure about the nature of their contents to deceiving customers about promoted products and services, leading to sanction for some of these influencers.

In some serious cases, many of them have resorted to practices such as dropshipping or recommending the use of injections for aesthetic purposes by unauthorised personnel.

Further, false allegations were also uncovered, especially about products related to the pandemic, organic and natural products which were not what they were claimed to be.

The Ministry of Economy has not named any such influencer so far and clarified that depending on the intensity of the irregularities, they may be reported to the Justice.

Furthermore, Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy, has launched a public consultation to suggest eleven measures grouped into four major themes, like the establishment of rights and obligations of “influencers” and their agencies and a good practice guide.

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