Four more stolen trucks found by National Protection Unit


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The National Police recovered four Toyota brand armored trucks in an operation on January 25. These trucks were part of a group of 16 that were stolen on January 19. The recovery of these trucks brings the total number of vehicles back in the possession of the State to 15. The National Police shared a video on social media showing the four white vans parked on a street in Bogotá, near a workshop yard in Usme. In addition to the recovery of the vehicles, several individuals responsible for the robbery have been captured.

The local security forces have conducted a meticulous investigation and monitoring work, leading to the recovery of most of the stolen vehicles. The case gained public notoriety due to the nature of the robbery, involving a large number of vehicles. Police efforts have focused on dismantling the criminal network behind the illegal act, resulting in significant progress in the investigation. However, the recovery of the two remaining vehicles is still being sought, and efforts are being made to identify and capture other possible participants in the incident.

The prompt recovery of the units is a significant asset given their function in the protection of individuals under threat. The Colombian Attorney General’s Office has brought three people involved in the theft of the armored vans before a judge. The detainees were captured in the Jackeline neighborhood after the Police received information about suspicious movements in a parking lot in the Kennedy sector. Investigations indicate that these individuals are linked to a criminal organization dedicated to the theft of high-end vehicles.

The theft of the vans, which had been acquired by the National Protection Unit (UNP) for the security schemes of the JEP magistrates, involves a sophisticated operation. The authorities continue the investigations to identify the rest of the participants in the theft and the potential buyers of these armored vehicles. The collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office by those detained could offer more clues about the masterminds and other members of the criminal network responsible for the theft. This case highlights the challenges in security and the illegal trade of armored vehicles in the country.

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