Fossilized Megaraptor and Other Dinosaurs Unearthed in Chilean Patagonia

Four Dinosaur Remains Found in Chilean Patagonia

Chilean scientists have recently published in the Journal of South American Earth Sciences their findings of four types of dinosaur remains in Chilean Patagonia. The discoveries have been made in 2021 on Cerro Guido, situated in the Las Chinas valley, near the border with Argentina.

“It is always super exciting, in scientific terms, to find something that had not been found before”, said Marcelo Leppe, director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (Inach), part of the team making the discovery.

The findings represent the most southern record of this type of dinosaur outside of Antarctica. Chilean paleontologists had already presented in 2021 the remains of a Stegouros elengassen in the same area of Chilean Patagonia.

The researchers have identified the remains of four types of dinosaurs: teeth and postcranial bone parts of a Megaraptor, specimens of Unenlagiinae (related to velociraptors), Enantiornithe (the most diverse and abundant group of birds in the Mesozoic era), and Ornithurinae (related to modern birds).

These carnivorous dinosaurs had raptor claws, small ripping teeth, and large upper limbs. According to the research, this put them at the top of the food chain of the area they inhabited, 66 to 75 million years ago.

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