Former Gabonese Minister Victoire Lasseni Duboze Announces Candidacy for Presidential Election

Gabon: Victoire Lasseni Duboze, former minister, in the running for the presidential election

Former Minister of Family and Social Affairs under Omar Bongo and former women’s leader of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG), Victoire Lasseni Duboze has announced her candidacy for the upcoming presidential election in Gabon. Speaking to RFI correspondent Yves-Laurent Goma, Duboze declared that she wants to govern differently for Gabon and the Gabonese people. She expressed her distress at the extreme precariousness faced by some compatriots in the country, despite Gabon being such a rich nation. Duboze revealed her determination to fight against the evil that undermines Gabonese society on a daily basis. When asked why she didn’t promote such a dynamic while in power, Duboze responded by claiming that under her mandate, the first NGOs were born, and she fought tirelessly for the “genre” approach. Duboze stated that her aim is to bring pride to Gabonese citizens and encourage their active participation in the country’s development.

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