Former Astana masseuse accuses Maynar of setting a trap for Miguel Ángel López


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Miguel Ángel López, the Colombian cyclist, is currently facing a legal battle to clear his name and make a return to professional competitions. Despite being acquitted of an investigation by the Investigative Court of Cáceres, Spain, for alleged doping or drug trafficking, a former employee of the Astana team is preparing to sue him.

The investigation, known as Operation Ilex, revealed several names of Astana Qazaqstam Team workers involved in illegal medicine trafficking, including Dr. Marcos Maynar, the former masseuse of the squad, Vicente Belda, and his son. The former employee of the Kazakh team claimed that he believed he was set up by the doctor and the Colombian cyclist.

The Investigative Court 3 of Cáceres also withdrew the import of the team’s former masseuse, who was accused of having taken and injected Miguel Ángel López with a substance called menotropin. The former employee claimed that he was asked by López to transport a package of supplements to the Giro, but upon realizing that they were blisters, he threw them away.

The former masseuse confirmed that he worked with the Colombian since 2016 before leaving for the Movistar Team and in 2020 when he returned to the Kazakh squad. He stated that he currently does not speak with López and highlighted that from the first moments Superman accused him that everything that was happening was his fault.

The former employee is now considering legal action against Miguel Ángel López, claiming that he has evidence and his lawyer is ready to sue. He stated that the first step would be to sue López, especially because of what he did and what he spoke. This legal battle has put López’s return to professional cycling in jeopardy.

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