Forge FC vs Chivas LIVE: Concachampions debut minute by minute


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The match between Fernando Gago’s team and Cade Cowell’s team started with a lot of action. In the first minute, Forge FC showed their intention to approach the Chivas goal. The players are already on the field of play after the formal ceremony. The thermal sensation on the field Forge FC is minus 3 degrees Celsius. The teams are already on the field of play to carry out their warm-up exercises.

In the third minute, there was a foul on Sánchez in midfield, and the ball will be resumed from the fixed tactic in favor of Chivas. In the fifth minute, Cade Cowell tried to start an attack, but failed when he found himself in an advanced position. Minute 6 saw Fernando Gago’s team regaining possession of the ball.

The initial squad for Forge FC includes Fernando Gago, while Chivas will take to the field with the following lineup, with the novelty of goalkeeper Óscar Whalley.

After participating without success in the Leagues Cup, the Chivas of Club Deportivo Guadalajara will once again participate in an international competition under the orders of Fernando Gago. The flock will look for a solid start in the Concacaf Champions Cup against Forge FC. In 2018, the flock managed to be crowned as Concacaf champions under the orders of Matías Almeyda. Now, six years later, they will seek the same international achievement to represent Mexico again in the Club World Cup.

The fans hope that the team will be able to achieve its third consecutive victory after having won their last two games in Liga MX. El Rebaño Sagrado will visit Ontario to face the current champion of the Canadian Premier League. The match is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to see how Chivas will perform in this international competition.

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