Foreigner Impressed with Mexico City Metro vs New York’s


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Millions of people rely on public transportation every day, and it’s not uncommon for content related to it to be shared on social media. This can range from fights and unusual occurrences to complaints about service disruptions. In the past year, users of the Mexico City subway have expressed frustration over the closure of several stations for repairs, which has impacted their travel time. However, one American TikTok user has sparked a debate by praising the Mexico City subway and comparing it to the one in New York.

The TikTok user, known as @girlwhomadechurrowaffles, is an American who now lives in Mexico. She shared videos of the Mexico City subway, highlighting its cleanliness and orderliness. She expressed her amazement at the fact that about 5 million people use the subway every day, yet it remains in such good condition. She also praised the behavior of Mexican subway users, stating that they know how to behave and respect others.

However, the American woman didn’t stop there. She also showed the New York subway in her videos, pointing out its negative aspects. She noted that while it may appear clean at first glance, the floors are not as well-maintained as those in Mexico. She also highlighted the yellowish tone of the subway walls and mentioned the presence of rodents running under the tracks.

While the original video was shared in 2023, it recently gained attention when it was reposted by other accounts. Many Internet users disagreed with the American woman’s comparison, pointing out that the New York subway operates 24 hours a day and is much older than the Mexico City subway. Some accused her of flattery or mockery, while others defended the efforts of the cleaning staff and criticized disrespectful users.

In addition to sharing her thoughts on the subway, the TikTok user has also used the platform to document her experiences living in Mexico City. She revealed that her partner was deported from the United States in 2010, and they were reunited in 2019. Despite the challenges they faced, they continue to live and love together.

The American woman’s videos have sparked a lively debate about the quality of public transportation in different cities. Whether you agree with her or not, her perspective offers a unique insight into the experiences of living in Mexico City and using its subway system. Feel free to share your thoughts on this story in the comments section.

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