Fishermen in Jaffa: Fear replaces harmony amid Israel-Gaza war | Israel-Palestine conflict


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Johny Saba, a 58-year-old fisherman in Jaffa, Israel, longs for the days before the war. He remembers a time when Jews and Palestinians worked together without any problems. He recalls the weekends when thousands of people would come to buy fresh fish from local family businesses that had been around for generations.

In the shipyard, Johny holds his young child while his colleague repairs a wooden fishing boat. The atmosphere is calm, with only a few people coming and going. Another fisherman, tattooed and stocky, fixes a tangle of fishing net, lost in his thoughts as he works.

Before the war, Jaffa was a community of fishermen from different backgrounds – Christians, Jews, and Muslims all working together along the Mediterranean coast. They were bound together by their shared experience as fishermen, rather than being divided by the tensions between their communities.

Johny reflects on the sense of brotherhood among the fishermen in Jaffa, saying, “Here we are all like brothers; If everywhere was like Jaffa, it would be paradise.”

Today, however, the situation is different. The war has brought about tensions and divisions that have disrupted the once harmonious community. Johny longs for the peace and cooperation that existed before the war, when people from different backgrounds worked together without any problems.

Despite the challenges, Johny remains hopeful for the future. He continues to work as a fisherman, repairing boats and catching fish to provide for his family. He believes that one day, the community in Jaffa can return to the way it was before the war, with people of different backgrounds living and working together in harmony.

As the sun sets over the Mediterranean, Johny looks out at the sea, holding onto the hope that one day, Jaffa will once again be a place of peace and cooperation, where people from different backgrounds can come together as brothers, just like they did before the war.

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