First Main Game of New State of Play Revealed


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PlayStation’s State of Play is set to make its debut on January 31 at 11:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). The 40-minute presentation will feature an extended look at Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin, as well as previews of more than 15 games. There’s also anticipation for announcements about Death Stranding 2, with rumors suggesting a possible imminent announcement.

Kojima, the mastermind behind Death Stranding, has been actively promoting the event on social media, leading fans to speculate about potential news regarding the highly anticipated sequel. The game still has no release date, and its full name has not been officially announced. However, rumors suggest that it will be titled Death Stranding: On the Beach.

Last year, a viral photograph of Kojima working on a trailer for Death Stranding 2 with the words “State of Play” visible on the project sparked excitement among fans. With the upcoming State of Play, many are hoping to finally receive news about the sequel and possibly a release date.

The original Death Stranding was a groundbreaking game that divided opinions, but it was praised for its unique and immersive experience. Fans of Hideo Kojima’s work and those looking for something different found it to be a sublime experience. With the sequel, many are expecting Kojima to once again push the boundaries of the industry and deliver a game that will captivate players.

As the anticipation for the State of Play continues to build, fans are eagerly awaiting any news about Death Stranding 2. The event promises to provide clarity and potentially reveal new information about the highly anticipated sequel. Stay tuned for updates as the gaming community eagerly awaits the State of Play on January 31.

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