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First lap for the end of sanchismo

When this article is published on Friday afternoon, the matches will be closing the election campaign of this municipal elections y autonomouswhich will serve as an orientation of where the political trend is going in Spain, since although the results are completely extrapolated -in the municipalities, more votes are made for the candidates than for the acronyms, in many cases, and many parties are also presented local elections that do not do so in the general ones, especially in the area of ​​the center right- they do serve as said orientation as they are elections, the municipal ones, of a national nature.

Therefore, they are very important elections for spainbecause it could be said that it is the first round for the end of sanchismo, which is causing so much political, social and economic turbulence, in a coalition government with the most radical left, a PSOE blurredwhich is no longer a social democrat in its sanchista version, assumed by the rest of the socialist leaders who are presenting themselves in the elections, who do nothing to prevent the drift of sanchismo, and a desperation to attract votes to their cause through electoral announcements that remind, as I said the other day, of a luck of 21st century bossiness.

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In them, and despite the fact that the votes are not entirely extrapolated for the aforementioned reasons, which, on this occasion, could cause the PP to obtain a slightly lower result than it would obtain in general elections, given the existence of those small parties local and the differentiation that some socialist candidates can make with respect to Sánchez, the PP seems to win the municipal elections.

This victory must be accompanied by the maintenance and reinforcement of the places where it already governs, such as Madrid, both city council and community, or Murcia and Zaragoza, and obtaining government in other places, especially in Valencia -city council and community-, with the close possibility of achieving the Government in Aragon and Cantabria and the non-ruleable option to govern in Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha.

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A result like that of May 2011 is difficult, because there are two parties in the field of the center right and that makes the result lose forcefulness, but the trend can be unstoppable. A desirable objective for the PP would be one in which Feijóo could appear with a map of Spain riddled with the PP logo, as Aznar was able to do in May 1995, with that map full of seagulls and say, then, “today we have uploaded the penultimate step towards La Moncloa».

It is essential, in order to achieve the defeat of Sánchez and Sanchismo within a few months, that the PP prevail and that the center-right be able to govern in most of the capitals of the provinces, councils and autonomous communities. Spain is at stakefrom the economy to possible threats of attack to the regime of Monarchy constitutional that we have on the part of parties that are friends of the Government or, even, of some members of it, as well as the confrontation that the Executive tries to encourage with the kind of amendment to the entire Transition that this law of democratic memory supposes, which does not even it is memory nor is it democratic, but resentment and biased hatred.

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The voters must value their decision well, because if they want the end of sanchismo, every vote is essential for a clear result of political change to be produced that will make the change at the end of the year overwhelming in the general elections.

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