First grader’s homework stumps thousands of parents – can you solve it?


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A homework question for a six-year-old has left parents scratching their heads. The question asked which word is the odd one out among friend, toothbrush, desk, silver, and egg. When a mom shared the question in a Facebook group, it sparked a flurry of responses and theories.

Some parents thought ‘friend’ was the odd one out because it’s not an object, while others pointed to ‘silver’ because it is an adjective while the others are nouns. Some argued that ‘silver’ was the odd one out because it is a color, while others thought it was ‘egg’ because it is the only edible word. ‘Toothbrush’ also received attention for being the only word without an ‘e’, a compound word, and the only item not typically shared.

After much debate, the mom revealed that the teacher’s answer was ‘silver’ because the rest are nouns. This left many parents feeling confused and frustrated by the question.

The question has sparked a lot of discussion and debate among parents, with many feeling that the question was confusing and not appropriate for a six-year-old. Some parents expressed concern that if the question was confusing for adults, it would be even more confusing for children.

In the end, the question left many parents feeling frustrated and questioning the appropriateness of the homework for young children. It also highlighted the importance of clear and age-appropriate homework assignments for students.

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