Final Season of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ to Feature Staggering Time Jump

AMC Confirms Seven Year Time Jump for the Final Season of Fear The Walking Dead

AMC has confirmed the release date for the eighth and final season of Fear The Walking Dead and that it will have a huge time jump of at least seven years. The series, which is the first spin-off of the popular horror series The Walking Dead, premiered in 2015 to critical acclaim.

The series underwent significant changes after the third season, when star Kim Dickens (Madison Clark) left the show and it underwent a subtle reboot. The decision sparked controversy, as some claimed that the reboot had saved the series. Now, following Madison’s return and AMC’s announcement of a final season, the plot of the last episodes is slowly taking shape.

According to the synopsis released by AMC, the eighth season will be split into two parts. The first part will follow Morgan and Madison as they plan to save Mo from FATHER, while the second part will skip seven years and possibly weave a connection with The Walking Dead. AMC has yet to confirm the exact timeline of both series, but the jump will align the finales of the two more closely.

There are plenty of topics to debate with Madison’s return and the seven-year time jump. It also remains to be seen if the Fear The Walking Dead characters will be seen in the upcoming projects of The Walking Dead franchise.

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