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FIFA Struggles After Losing License

FIFA Struggles After Losing License

EA Sports to withdraw from FIFA franchise; spiritual successor named ‘EA Sports FC’

EA Sports have announced the end of their collaboration with body led by Gianni Infantino to make the infamous FIFA series of video games. Negotiations for the renewal of the license were not successful, leading EA Sports to look for an independent path.

The new game to take over from FIFA, named ‘EA Sports FC’, will encompass all the gameplay, structure and licenses that FIFA has had up until now. However, there will be some licenses which will be lost due to FIFA’s lack of control over the game-making process. This includes the World Cup licenses, although EA Sports stated that more licenses will be added in the future.

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The ‘Ultimate Team’ mode of FIFA will still be present in the game, albeit with a changed name, and the presence of Career mode, Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football is also confirmed. Gamers will have to wait until July of 2023 to learn more about this “new era” of the EA Sports soccer simulator, although they expect it to reach the same platforms as FIFA 23.

As for what FIFA will do to have a presence in the video game market, Infantino declared that “the only and authentic game that will have the name of FIFA will be the best available for soccer players and fans.”

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