Feijóo sees trust as a “true danger” for PPdeG


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The President of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has expressed concern about overconfidence as a “real danger” for the party in the upcoming regional elections in Galicia. He believes that there is a significant number of potential abstainers and undecided voters who could have a major impact on the outcome of the election. Feijóo emphasized the importance of participation and urged voters to support the PP candidate, Alfonso Rueda.

Feijóo highlighted the need for voters to consider the party’s track record and the potential risks associated with other candidates. He expressed concern about the possibility of the BNG candidate, Ana Pontón, coming into power and the potential negative impact of her program on Galicia. Feijóo also criticized the PSdeG and Sumar parties, suggesting that their support for the BNG could lead to a less stable government.

Feijóo acknowledged the difficulty of achieving an absolute majority in the upcoming election, but stressed the importance of not underestimating the competition. He expressed concern about the potential impact of the independence movement and sovereignism on the region, attributing these issues to the “Pedro Sánchez model.”

Feijóo also addressed local issues, criticizing the central government’s lack of attention to Ferrol. He highlighted the deficiencies in the city’s infrastructure and contrasted this with the PP-led institutions’ efforts to improve the area. Feijóo emphasized the importance of investing in projects to benefit Ferrol and expressed his commitment to making the city a priority if he were to reach La Moncloa.

In conclusion, Feijóo urged voters to consider the potential consequences of their choices in the upcoming election and emphasized the importance of supporting the PP and its candidate, Alfonso Rueda. He highlighted the party’s commitment to Galicia and its track record of effective governance.

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