Feijóo defends his political background in Galicia against “insults” from other leaders


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The national leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has emphasized his political background in Galicia, where he served as president of the Xunta for 13 years, in response to the “insults” directed at him by other leaders during the current election campaign. He made this statement on February 18, the Galician Day. Feijóo warned that insults, lies, and disqualifications do not influence voters in Galicia.

Feijóo attended a rally-meal at the Óscar Pereiro Pavilion in Mos (Pontevedra) on Sunday, where more than a thousand members and popular sympathizers enjoyed a menu that included empanada, tripe, and the traditional ‘carne ao caldeiro’. He emphasized that he does not need anyone’s permission to campaign in Galicia, a place he loves and has served for several decades.

He led the autonomy between 2009 and 2022 before taking charge of the national PP. His involvement in the 18F campaign has been widely discussed in recent days at different rallies held in Galicia by President Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz. Feijóo reminded the audience that Galicians have always granted an absolute majority to govern in the Xunta.

Feijóo reflected on the different approaches to holding rallies, contrasting the PP’s approach, which focuses on presenting its accomplishments and asking for support, with the left’s approach, which he accused of trying to unite all losing seats to unseat the PP by insulting others. He also denounced the Socialist Party’s tendency to despise the Galicians and criticize their actions.

Feijóo arrived at the pavilion to the applause of 1,200 people, who received him with the popular campaign anthem ‘Xuntos’. He praised the mayor of Mos and “one of the best senators”, Nidia Arévalo, and called for everyone in Galicia to mobilize like Mos to ensure success on February 18.

Feijóo emphasized the importance of not giving up a single vote and called for continued hard work until the day of the elections to ensure that Alfonso Rueda becomes a president with no partners other than the Galicians.

The general secretary of the PPdeG, Paula Prado, also participated in the rally and thanked Feijóo for his involvement in the campaign. She contrasted Feijóo with Pedro Sánchez, stating that Feijóo can look Galicians in the face and walk with his head held high in the street. Prado predicted that the PPdeG will once again celebrate an absolute majority on February 18, this time for Alfonso Rueda.

She also warned against complacency, urging people not to stay at home and not to trust themselves. She emphasized the importance of continued mobilization and hard work to ensure a successful outcome on election day.

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