Feijóo criticizes BNG and questions use of ‘Galiza’


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The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, criticized the BNG at a rally in Viveiro (Lugo) on Saturday night. The BNG is seen as the main alternative to the ‘popular’ in Galicia. Feijóo used irony to attack the nationalists of Ana Pontón, referring to the debate around the place name of the Galician autonomous community. He emphasized that the BNG “does not even agree” in the name of the people they want to govern. Feijóo also ironically said that those from Pontón “do not want to be Spanish” but rather “Portuguese.”

Feijóo reflected that the PSdeG-PSOE, which polls point to as the third force, no longer wants to “continue fighting”, but will try to “integrate into the BNG group” if it reaches the Xunta. He requested a vote for Alfonso Rueda, candidate for re-election as head of the Xunta, to maintain the “Galician model”, which is “the one that works”. He added that Galicia, next Sunday, February 18, not only chooses “for the next four years”, but also “the next decade” is at stake.

Feijóo claimed the “stability” that Galicia maintained for 15 years, 13 of them with himself as president, something that is unprecedented among the rest of the autonomous communities. He wants for Galicia “the best president of the Xunta” and not a president “whose partners” are the leaders of ERC and EH Bildu, Oriol Junqueras and Arnaldo Otegi, respectively. Feijóo asked those who are undecided and those who are in doubt to opt for the PP ballot next Sunday.

He also asked for the vote for all those who voted for him in the general elections of July 2023. In fact, from one of the main towns in the A Mariña region, he recalled that the province of Lugo gave him “the best results” in both the general and regional elections of 2020. Feijóo emphasized the importance of the upcoming election and urged voters to support the PP to maintain the stability and progress of Galicia.

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