Feijóo cautions BNG’s plan for “fracture model” in Galicia, urges Rueda’s policy for Spain


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On January 28, 2024, the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, addressed a demonstration organized by the PP in Madrid, Spain. The demonstration was held to oppose the agreements between the PSOE and the independence movement, following a deal between Junts and the PSOE to support the validation of three government royal decree laws.

Feijóo appealed to the electorate in light of the upcoming Galician, Basque, and European elections. He warned that the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) aims to bring the fracture model to Galicia and export Galician politics to the rest of Spain.

Feijóo emphasized the need for national politics to resemble Galician politics and criticized bringing anything harmful to Spaniards to Galicia. He highlighted the importance of trust, security, certainty, and guarantee in politics, particularly in the face of challenges.

As the Galician campaign approaches, Feijóo expressed his support for Alfonso Rueda, stating that Rueda represents security, certainty, and guarantee for the people of Galicia. He emphasized the importance of finding solutions to problems and promoting progress through a common project that does not seek to divide.

Feijóo also pointed out that the upcoming elections in Galicia will determine the government’s direction and the approach to public responsibilities. He criticized the Spanish government’s choice to multiply difficulties for partisan and personal convenience, comparing it to the situation in Catalonia.

In conclusion, Feijóo highlighted the importance of choosing a government that resolves citizens’ problems rather than creating division and difficulties. He emphasized the need for a government that prioritizes the well-being and progress of the people.

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