Feijóo accuses Government of protecting Puigdemont in Brussels


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The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has accused Pedro Sánchez’s Government of interfering with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court and not wanting to single out Carles Puigdemont in Brussels. This comes after the European Parliament approved a resolution to investigate Russian interference and its ties with the former Catalan president. Feijóo believes that what is happening in Spain has reached Europe, where they have been clear in defending the investigation of any connections with the Putin regime.

Feijóo pointed out that the PSOE voted in favor of investigating possible contacts of the Catalan independentists with Putin in Europe, but when it came to pointing out specific people, they did not vote. He added that the Socialist Party votes in favor of investigating in Europe, but persecutes and disqualifies the judges who are investigating this operation in Spain.

Feijóo also believes that Pedro Sánchez is determined to approve the Amnesty Law because without it, there is no legislature. He thinks that Sánchez will continue to persist and make the entire Prosecutor’s Office look ridiculous.

After the Supreme Court prosecutors advocated investigating Puigdemont for terrorism in ‘Tsunami Democràtic’, Feijóo has denounced the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office by the Government. He stressed that the majority of the Supreme Court prosecutors are in favor of continuing with the investigation for terrorism against Puigdemont, but the prosecutors have been disavowed and humiliated.

Feijóo has asked that prosecutors and Justice be allowed to do their job. He believes that the government has intervened in the Prosecutor’s Office and that the prosecutors should be allowed to continue their investigation without interference.

In conclusion, Feijóo is concerned about the government’s interference with the Prosecutor’s Office and its reluctance to single out specific individuals for investigation. He believes that the prosecutors and Justice should be allowed to do their job without any intervention from the government.

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