Fecode sends María Fernanda Cabal to study: “Her sole aim is to discredit”


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Fecode, the Colombian Federation of Educators, has requested that a senator update her knowledge about tuition-credit. This comes after allegations of a donation by Fecode to Gustavo Petro’s campaign surfaced. In response, the teachers union has announced a mobilization on February 8th to defend against these accusations. They are also asking the Supreme Court of Justice to expedite the election of the prosecutor who will replace Francisco Barbosa.

Fecode’s announcement follows a call by the Unitary Central of Workers (Cut) and other organizations to join in the mobilization. The union has stated that they are joining the national day of mobilization to demand that the Supreme Court elect the new prosecutor and to defend, respect, and support Fecode. They are also calling for freedom of association and expression, and an end to stigmatization and persecution of the union and social movement.

The announcement from Fecode has sparked multiple reactions in the country. Senator María Fernanda Cabal has been one of the most vocal critics of the upcoming demonstration. She has criticized the mobilization, stating that it only harms the students. Cabal’s comments have drawn a response from Fecode, who have asked her to study the figures before giving her opinion.

In response to Fecode’s statement, some users have supported María Fernanda Cabal, highlighting that the important thing is that the minors stopped attending classes for a day due to the demonstration scheduled for February 8. There has been debate over the number of students enrolled, with the Ministry of Education reporting around 6.4 million students before the start of classes in 2024, representing a difference compared to the congresswoman’s publication.

The debate between Fecode and Senator María Fernanda Cabal highlights the tensions surrounding the upcoming mobilization and the allegations of a donation to Gustavo Petro’s campaign. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold and what impact it will have on the education system in Colombia.

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