Featherweight’s Infidelity: Guadalajara Man Caught with Mystery Woman in Las Vegas | VIDEO


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Nicki Nicole was not at the Super Bowl, but the corridos tumbados singer was spotted with someone else during the festivities. A video started circulating on social media showing Peso Pluma holding hands with a woman who was not Nicki Nicole. This reportedly happened at a party after the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s unclear when the video was taken, but after the sporting event, Peso Pluma went to a party with his friend, DJ Alec Monopoly. They shared Instagram stories showing them both drunk and enjoying the party. In the controversial video with the mysterious woman, Peso Pluma is wearing the same clothes he wore at the Super Bowl – a black Balenciaga sweatshirt, an NFL cap, and dark sunglasses. They can be seen arriving at a luxurious casino, and the girl holding hands with the singer is wearing a short, long-sleeved white and black dress, heels, a white bag, and her black hair reaches her waist.

Rumors of a breakup with Nicki Nicole have intensified since Peso Pluma was caught holding hands with a mysterious woman. Fans immediately noticed that the girl’s physical characteristics were different from Nicki Nicole, who had recently dyed her hair brown and was at a concert in Costa Rica. Screenshots also emerged showing Peso Pluma and the woman laughing and displaying body language that raised suspicions among fans of possible deception.

Social media exploded with speculation about the relationship between the two singers, especially after it was discovered that Nicki Nicole had reportedly deleted all photos with Peso Pluma from her Instagram profile. However, Peso Pluma still has pictures with Nicki, including one from the recent Grammy Awards in New York and during the Christmas holidays.

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