Fearsome Villain of Upcoming DC Multiverse Film, ‘The Flash’

Dark Flash Unveiled as The Flash Main Villain
As the premiere of The Flash approaches, photos of the characters and plot leaks are beginning to emerge. Recently, a line of The Flash action figures provided fans with their first look at the movie’s fearsome villain: Dark Flash.

The photo includes four characters, three of which have already been seen in previous promotional art. These characters are Michael Keaton’s Batman, the Flash we know from the DCEU, and the “young Barry” – an alternate version of Flash who wears Bruce Wayne’s suit.

The fourth figure in the photo is Dark Flash, an old acquaintace from DC Comics. This version of Dark Flash is much more menacing, with half his body covered in rocky armor and various spines on its shoulders and back.

Although the context of Dark Flash’s appearance in the movie is still unknown, the plot seems to revolve around Flash’s attempt to save his mother’s life by travelling to the past. This could result in multiversal chaos, which could be the beginning of a new stage of the DC cinematic universe.

The Flash is set for release June 16, 2023.

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