FC Barcelona: Seeking an Expert Coach for the Future


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Xavi’s decision to step down as coach on June 30 has come as a surprise to many. The situation was complicated due to the team’s results, but Laporta’s decision was to keep him on as coach for as long as possible. However, it was Xavi himself who, in a remarkable display of leadership, chose to step aside by setting a date for his departure. He believes that this will help to ease the tension around the team, benefiting everyone involved.

Despite Xavi’s assurance that he still believes the team can win the League and dream of the Champions League, the reality is that a lot would have to change for this to be possible. The gap in the League standings is significant, and the team’s chances in the Champions League are minimal given the quality of their opponents.

It is true that the criticism of the team will likely decrease, which will bring peace of mind to the players and potentially lead to better results. However, the primary goal now is to secure the fourth place in the League, which would grant access to the Champions League in the next edition. After the defeat against Villarreal, this has become the team’s non-negotiable objective.

The players must now step up and improve their performance, as the criticism will now be directed at them rather than the coach. Many players who have been underperforming will no longer be able to rely on the coach’s support, which should have a direct impact on the team’s improvement.

The Board will now have to search the market for a new coach for the next campaign. They are looking for an experienced technician and do not want to take any risks with an inexperienced coach. Rafa Márquez’s option has been ruled out, and the Board must ensure that the decision-making process is respectful to Xavi and does not destabilize the team.

Márquez himself commented on the possibility of becoming the new coach, stating that it is now up to the Board to choose the replacement and that it is an opportunity that cannot be turned down. This decision will be crucial for the team’s future, and the Board must handle it with care and consideration.

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