Fátima Florez opens up about her relationship with Javier Milei and her desire for motherhood


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Fátima Florez recently expressed her desire to become a mother. After celebrating her birthday in Mar del Plata, she appeared as a guest at Mirtha Legrand’s table. The special broadcast took place at the Costa Galana hotel, where Chiqui hosted a table with various entertainment and television figures. During the show, the comedian discussed her career, her relationship with Javier Milei, and her future plans.

Accompanied by singer Raúl Lavié, journalist Marcelo Polino, and actress Iliana Calabró, La Noche de Mirtha focused on the lives and careers of the guests, while also touching on current events. Legrand asked Florez about her life since starting a relationship with the economist. Florez responded by saying that her life remains the same, as she continues to work, perform in plays, rehearse, and create new characters.

Legrand then inquired about Florez’s relationship with Milei, asking if it was the first time she had experienced love like this. Florez expressed her joy and explained that she feels like her love has been reborn. She described her new relationship as very positive and emphasized the strong bond she shares with Milei.

When asked about marriage, Florez stated that it was too soon to consider it. She emphasized the importance of sharing spirituality and love for animals with her partner. Florez also mentioned that she planned to surprise Milei with a performance of her Cher impression, as he is a big fan of the character.

Moving on from her personal life, Legrand asked Florez about her family’s thoughts on her relationship with Milei. Florez revealed that her father is happy and recently retired, while her mother, a former geography teacher, enjoys seeing her daughter happy and successful.

Looking to the future, Legrand asked Florez if she had a desire to become a mother soon. Florez responded with a smile, expressing her strong desire to become a mother and describing it as a great act of love.

In summary, Fátima Florez’s appearance on Mirtha Legrand’s show provided insight into her personal life, her relationship with Javier Milei, and her future plans. As she continues to pursue her career in entertainment, she also looks forward to the possibility of becoming a mother.

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