Fatal Crash: Three Dead in Clearwater Plane Accident


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A tragic accident occurred in Clearwater, Florida when a small plane crashed into a mobile home park, resulting in the loss of several lives. The victims have been identified as Martha Parry, 86, who lived in a mobile home, Mary Ellen Pender, 54, who was visiting, and pilot Jemin Patel, 54. At least nine people were inside the mobile home at the time of the accident, but only two remained when the plane crashed.

The small plane involved in the accident was a Beechcraft Bonanza V35, and it crashed under unknown circumstances just three minutes after takeoff. It is still unclear how many people were on the plane or what its route was. The aircraft was found primarily in one of the burned-out mobile homes in the park.

The night of the accident, authorities received multiple calls about a fire, and reports from the airport indicated that an aircraft was experiencing engine failure. The plane went off radar about 3 miles north of the runway, the same location as the mobile home park south of the Clearwater Mall. Several mobile homes caught fire, and firefighters confirmed seeing the small plane moving in a dive. The most damage was located on Pagoda Drive inside the park.

Residents of the other homes managed to escape safely and were not hospitalized. Neighbors reported hearing an explosion, feeling their houses shake, and seeing a column of smoke rise. Firefighters arrived at the scene 7 minutes after the accident was reported, minimizing damage to other homes and saving the lives of the residents.

Clearwater, Florida is located about 23 miles west of Tampa on the central west coast of Florida. The city’s Fire and Rescue Department, along with other agencies, responded to the emergency. The incident is still under investigation, and updates are expected to be provided in the coming hours.

The tragic accident has left the community in mourning, and rescue teams are continuing to work in the area. The details of the incident are still being uncovered, and the authorities are working diligently to provide answers to the families of the victims and the community.

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