Farmers protest at Mercamadrid, Port of Malaga and Mercazaragoza with tractors


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Spanish farmers have been protesting this week due to the rural crisis. What was once a problem outside of Spain has now become a reality within the country. Protests by European farmers have spread to Spain, leading to a series of mobilizations in the primary sector that will continue throughout the month of February.

The protests have led to road blockades and the presence of tractors at access points to major cities. Large distribution points such as Mercamadrid, Mercazaragoza, and the Port of Malaga have also been affected. Mercamadrid, the largest supply center in the country, provides raw materials to supermarkets, warehouses, bars, and restaurants. The protests have made access to this area more difficult, causing disruptions in the supply chain.

Similar protests have occurred in other regions of Spain. In the Aragonese capital, hundreds of tractors have blocked the A-2 highway and the access to Mercazaragoza. In Malaga, farmers and ranchers have blocked access to the Port of Malaga with their tractors and trucks, causing significant disruptions.

The protests are part of a larger movement by farmers across Spain and Europe to demand improvements for the countryside. They are calling for the reduction of CAP requirements, compliance with the food chain law, and the maintenance of tax reductions on agricultural diesel.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has assured that the food supply is “absolutely assured” despite the protests. He understands the concerns of the agricultural sector and believes that the government and the sector can work together to address the issues.

Protests have already taken place in Valladolid, León, and at the Spanish-US border. The agricultural professional organizations Asaja, COAG, and UPA have planned a series of protests throughout February in various regions of Spain. These protests will culminate in a large tractor rally in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in Madrid.

In addition to the planned protests, farmers have been organizing themselves through social networks and staging tractor rallies without prior notice in some areas. The protests are a response to the challenges facing the agricultural sector and the demands for policy changes to improve the situation.

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