Farewell, TikTok: Brussels Affirms Ban on Official Mobiles

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Euronews’ New Program Analyzes European News and Politics

Euronews’ editorial office in Brussels has debuted a new program that aims to make European news and politics more accessible to viewers. In the latest episode, Ennatu Domingo from the think tank The European Center for Development Policy Management, Beatriz Ríos, journalist at The Washington Post, and Teresa Küchler, analyst at Svenska Dagbladet, joined the show. The guests analyzed the recent proposals of the European Commission to increase returns of migrants who arrive in Europe irregularly.

With nearly a million people applying for asylum in Europe in 2021, EU countries have been attempting for years to agree on a pact on migration and asylum. Countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain have asked for an agreement due to the pressure they face because of their geographical location. The guests provided insights on the latest proposals put forth by the EU and discussed their effectiveness.

In addition, the show’s panelists also talked about the decision of the EU institutions to ban Tik Tok, the popular social networking platform, on government phones for security reasons.

The new program is a welcome addition in the media landscape that aims to deliver insightful and informed analysis of the latest European news, making it easy for viewers to follow the developments. With such programs, viewers will be able to have a better understanding of the complex issues that impact our world. Euronews’ new program is a valuable resource for all those who seek reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information on European news and politics.

Watch “Brussels do I love you?” on Euronews for the latest European news and analysis.

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