Famous toy store that inspired Toy Story is closing


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Pixar and Disney fans love Toy Story, a movie that shows the stages of life and leaving toys behind. The film was inspired by Jeffrey’s Toys, the oldest toy store in San Francisco, which has announced that it will close after 86 years in business. The reason for the closure is not just economic, but also due to the problems of crime and violence affecting the city.

According to a statement, Jeffrey’s Toys will close at the end of February. The store has been struggling for several years due to the dangers and violence of the downtown environment, inflation, declining consumer spending, and the demise of retail around the world. Efforts to keep the business going have not been successful, and the family is saddened by this outcome.

The store was founded in 1938 as Birdie’s Variety Store, then renamed Birdie’s Toy House in 1952. Birdie and her husband Morton had two sons, Manny and Joel, who joined the family business and eventually adopted its final name. Since 1996, the store has been known as Jeffrey’s Toys.

Current co-owner Matthew Luhn worked for Pixar in the 1990s and used the store as a reference for making Toy Story. “During Toy Story, my dad came to give us ideas,” Luhn once said. “And when we referenced almost all of the Toy Story movies, we always went to Jeffrey’s Toys.”

The closure of Jeffrey’s Toys is inevitable, but at least Toy Story will continue to perpetuate one of its main inspirations. While the new installment was being developed, we learned what the original ending of the Toy Story 3 movie was.

The closure of Jeffrey’s Toys is a sad event for Pixar and Disney fans, as well as for the city of San Francisco. It marks the end of an era for the oldest toy store in the city, and the loss of an important inspiration for the beloved Toy Story movies. It is a reminder of the challenges facing small businesses in today’s world, and the impact of crime and violence on local communities. Despite the closure, the legacy of Jeffrey’s Toys will live on through the memories of those who visited the store and the inspiration it provided for one of the most iconic animated film franchises of all time.

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