Exposing Fake News: Russia’s False Claims about ‘the Germans’

**German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock Facing Criticism in Russian State Media**
In 2022, Russian state media began to circulate information about German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, as well as criticisms against Chancellor Olaf Scholz for her statements about Russia. The article, published by the state news agency RIA Novosti, created the impression of resentment in Germany against Ukraine, although the author failed to mention that the comments about Ukraine were made by anonymous accounts and commenters online.

By evaluating comments on European media outlets, experts from the Institute for Innovation in Security, Crime and Intelligence at Cardiff University in Wales concluded that the comments came from accounts purposely made to spread pro-Russian, anti-Western messages in response to Russia-related articles.

According to a Deutschlandtrend survey commissioned by ARD, the majority of Germans consider Russia a threat, and only 10% believe it can be a trust-based partner. When it comes to Ukraine, only 47% trust the nation.

It appears that Russian media is attempting to spread false information about Baerbock, whereas the majority of Germans have a different opinion.

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