Exploring the Fusion between Tim Burton and Where the Wild Things Are in Children of Silentown

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**Silentown: A Refreshing Take On Growing Up**

In a remote and lost place from the hand of God, there is a small town nestled entirely in a forest. This dark, leafy and spooky forest is avoided by its inhabitants – who opt to listen to the grunts emanating from the thicket every night rather than venture in. This is why they avoid going out at sunset and make sure to move two by two when going through the streets – to reduce noise to a minimum.

Welcome to Silentown – a game provides an authentic and terrifying take on the classic children’s story. It follows a gang of friends, each with their own intricacies and questions, as they traverse their nightmarish town in search of answers. The eerie setting and the adorable group of eight-year-olds make an interesting and gripping combination.

Gameplay-wise, Children of Silentown follows the traditional point-and-click adventure. It has a mission (to go shop, play hide-and-seek, etc.) and requires the completion of said mission by interacting with the stage and using the inventory. The puzzles however, are where the game stands out. Musical notes need to be learned and then used on people to unlock puzzles, lending the game an enjoyable twist.

The sound section has been particularly well thought-out, with an original song composed for the credits. The learning of these melodies helps contribute towards the beautiful contrast between silence and music in a town where the slightest noise can lead to danger.

Although the game’s four or five hours can be quite captivating, unfortunately its puzzles are uninspired and infuriating and there often seems to be no logic to them. This means that Children of Silentown can sometimes become tediously repetitive and difficult to enjoin.

Overall, this tranquil point and click adventure, with its stunning hand-drawn characters and settings, can be an enjoyable and unique experience. However, its shaky puzzles and unfulfilling endings make it a forgettable tale.

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