Exploring Countries, People and Destinations

Exploring Countries, People and Destinations

Europe News Roundup: Russian Influence in Latvia, Auschwitz Survivor Tale, Bistros for UNESCO, Polish Retirees Worry of Inflation and Swiss Art Rescue in Ukraine

Russia is reportedly making moves to gain more influence in Latvia, this time by appealing to the Russian-speaking minority of the Baltic country. The initiative consists of the suggestion of teaching their historical narrative alongside the official Latvian one in schools.

Meanwhile, Auschwitz survivor Arenda Bayer was the subject of a story recently. At only 13 years old she survived the horrors of the camp in World War II thanks to her beautiful singing voice.

The Parisian bistros are also in the spotlight, as they are now trying to be recognized under the UNESCO World Heritage status. The unique atmosphere these cafés and brasseries give to Paris is certainly worth seeing.

Unfortunately, the retiree population in Poland is worried, as the rising inflation has put a dent in their savings. Activists are fighting for a decent living for the elderly.

Finally, a Jewish organization backed by the Swiss government recovered art from Ukraine. Most of it was made by Jewish artists in the early 20th Century, and will be preserved and showcased in Switzerland.

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