Explore the Uncanny Valley with AI-Transformed Human Portraits of ‘The Simpsons’ Characters


Artist Recreates Cartoon Characters as Humans Using AI Software

Have you ever wondered what your favorite cartoon characters would look like in real life? Well, artist Hidreley Diao has used AI software and photo retouching to recreate 23 popular cartoon characters as humans. Diao challenged himself to use Photoshop, FaceApp, Gradiente, and Remini to create somewhat realistic images of well-known cartoon characters.

Human Reimagining of Beloved Cartoon Characters Takes People by Surprise

Cartoons often play on exaggerated features to create beloved caricatures, and viewers never question the outrageously large noses or stretched foreheads. However, when Diao’s results were actualized, people were surprised by the human reimagining of beloved cartoon characters.

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“The Simpsons” Characters Get Human Treatment

Among the popular animated characters that were transformed into humans were personalities from “The Simpsons”. Marge Simpson was reimagined with some red lipstick and yellow-toned pupils, while Bart Simpson was made to look just like a normal, pre-teen boy – acne and all. Meanwhile, Homer Simpson didn’t appear as realistic as the others – his infamous few strands of hair atop his crown still looked drawn on, while his eyes were wide and bulging.

Disney Princesses’ Human Versions Look Scarily Realistic

Diao also transformed some of Disney’s most famous animation characters into humans, including Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid” and Ariel, Moana, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Jasmine. Isabela Madrigal from “Encanto” and Anna from “Frozen” also made the cut, all rendered to look exactly like stunning, human versions of themselves – and scarily realistic.

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The Challenge of Recreating Olive Oyl

The most challenging character to recreate was Olive Oyl from “Popeye”. Somehow, Diao was able to make Olive Oyl appear just like a human, even with a rather long nose.


While the images weren’t perfect, Diao’s human reimagining of beloved cartoon characters has brought back some good memories from childhood. Watching cartoons like “The Simpsons” and Hanna Barbera classics has had a huge impact on many people’s lives, and it’s fascinating to see these characters as humans – even if they’re not quite perfect.
Source: nypost.com


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