Experts Warn That Sharing a Bed with Dogs Could be Dangerous in Winter

Is sleeping with your pet dangerous? Experts weigh in

Many pet owners share their bed with their four-legged friends, and not for nothing. Animal experts, however, have warned about the dangers of leaving a pet under the duvet.

Katy Alexander, the Blue Cross head of veterinary research, told The Telegraph that overheating is the main concern. During cold nights, dogs will curl up under the covers for warmth. Alexander recommends extra vigilance for flat-faced breeds, such as French bulldogs and pugs, as they are at greater risk of getting too hot.

Alexander also cautioned against using electric blankets as this can cause burns, and the power cord poses a potential danger. Karly Smith, a Blue Cross animal behavior specialist, encourages respecting the wishes of animals and not forcing them to stay in bed.

Bradley Smith, a psychologist at Central Queensland University, proposes that co-sleeping between humans and animals be “considered a legitimate and socially relevant way of co-sleeping,” as long as proper precautions are taken.

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