Expert discredits theory of genital injuries in Dani Alves trial


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The trial of Dani Alves at the Barcelona Court has been ongoing, with experts providing important insights into the case. One expert explained that it is more common not to observe vaginal injuries in victims of sexual assault than to see them. This is based on a study that found that 77.2 percent of non-consensual sexual relations did not result in vaginal injuries, while 22.8 percent did.

Forensic experts who examined the complainant at the ClĂ­nic hospital in Barcelona after the alleged sexual assault confirmed that the young woman did not have genital injuries, which is a frequent occurrence in non-consensual relationships.

The trial is expected to conclude soon, with the parties presenting their final conclusions and requests for conviction or acquittal for the accused. Dani Alves will also have the opportunity to exercise his right to the last word before the trial ends.

After more than a year in provisional prison, the former footballer faces a request for a sentence of 9 years in prison, in addition to 10 years of supervised freedom and compensation of 150,000 euros for the victim. The private accusation raises their request to 12 years in prison, while the defense seeks acquittal and argues the influence of alcohol in the events.

Dani Alves was sent to provisional prison after a 23-year-old girl reported to the authorities that she had been sexually assaulted by the footballer at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. The defense has appealed the prison measure on several occasions, but the judge has rejected their arguments, citing the risk of flight and changes in the version of the investigated.

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