Experiencing Eight Times in One Night


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‘First Dates’ is back on Cuatro, and it’s been full of new encounters full of love and originality. One of the most notable dates was Juan and Bruna’s, who had a very spicy date and a strong connection from the beginning.

Juan describes himself as “100% straight” and a guy that all the girls notice when he passes by. He’s confident, charismatic, sporty, cultured, and educated. He’s also very open about his interest in sex, even going to a sexologist because he “wanted more, more and more.” He’s looking for an elegant and refined girl.

On the other hand, Bruna is clear about what she wants – she doesn’t want a jerk with a tiny little thing. She’s a conceited girl who loves to please and take care of herself, going to the gym every day and having had breast surgery.

Their first contact was good, and everything pointed to a very explosive date. The sexual theme dominated the dinner, with Bruna expressing her dislike for battered men because she later found very small things. Juan found this confession funny, and he made it clear that he wouldn’t be able to complain about his size.

The topic of sexual positions came up, with Bruna expressing her preference for a specific position. Juan pretended to be interested, but inside he was clear that he also liked that pose. Bruna got hot flashes, especially when Juan told her about his record of “eight times with the same person” in one night.

It was evident that the two had liked each other, so they agreed to have a second meeting. The date was a success, and it left viewers eager to see what happens next for Juan and Bruna.

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