Experience the Last Years of the Samurai in ‘Like a Dragon: Ishin

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Like a Dragon: Ishin, Yakuza Remake Heading West

Yakuza fans are in for a treat as Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is bringing one of the installments of the franchise that is yet to be released outside of Asia, Like a Dragon: Ishin. The game brings the Bakumatsu era in the middle of 1867 with the last years of the Samurai.

During two hours of experience with the content located in chapter 3, it became evident that this is the Yakuza that many are familiar with, made more interesting with few changes that allow it to take on an identity.

The first change is on the technical plane as it is the first time that the Japanese team is making a jump to Unreal Engine 4. With its versatility and accessibility, this could pave the way for future progressions of the saga.

The remake also brings exciting changes to the combat department, with four styles like Swordsman, Shooter, Fighter and Wild Dancer. Wild Dancer is the most exciting one, with Ryoma using his katana and revolver combination to warp through hordes of enemies and make the most of the objects scattered around the stage. Apart from this, the card system and the forge which have not been accessible yet, could prove to be a delight when the game culminates.

Going around the city has a comparable feel to Kamurocho, with minigames, side stories, shops and restaurants. Most prominent of the minigames is the brothel dueling challenge between courtesan and Sakamoto Ryoma.

The game has Spanish localization and is scheduled to launch on 21st February 2021, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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