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Exclusive: Teen Mom Fans Decode Kailyn Lowry’s Secret Clue on Fifth Baby’s Birth Amid Twin Pregnancy Rumors

Exclusive: Teen Mom Fans Decode Kailyn Lowry’s Secret Clue on Fifth Baby’s Birth Amid Twin Pregnancy Rumors

Fans of Teen Mom Spot New Clue in Kailyn Lowry’s Social Media

The fans of Teen Mom have got their eyes on Kailyn Lowry’s social media, and they believe she has given a clue about having twins. The reality TV star shared a video on her Instagram story, featuring her youngest son, Creed, two.

Creed was all set up to play baseball with a mitt and helmet on, and Kailyn asked him if he was going to play in the game. However, fans took note of the baby bouncer in the background behind Creed.

Fans React

One fan took a screenshot of the video and shared it on a popular Teen Mom internet forum, where they discussed the rumor of Kailyn having twins. Fans also noted a bracelet on Kailyn’s wrist that read, “Mom of seven,” which has led to speculation that she has already given birth to her fifth child.

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Kailyn’s Slip-Up

Kailyn recently made a shocking comment on her podcast Coffee Convos, where she mentioned a six-month-old child in her family. The young mom has yet to confirm the rumors of her giving birth to her fifth child, but her fans are eagerly anticipating the news.

Kailyn is already a mother to four children, including a daughter named Lux with ex-Chris Lopez, a son named Isaac with her ex Jo Rivera, and a son named Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

The reality TV series Teen Mom has garnered a massive fan following, and fans are always on the lookout for clues about their favorite stars’ personal lives. Kailyn’s fans are eagerly waiting for her to confirm their doubts about her pregnancy, and until then, the rumor mill will keep churning.

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