Exclusive: Luciana Sismondi Reveals Her Relationship with Actor José Ron – Univision


Luciana Sismondi Claims She is Dating Actor José Ron

Luciana Sismondi, a well-known model from Argentina, has confirmed that she is dating the celebrated Mexican actor, José Ron. She revealed that the two of them had been dating for a while, and things were going smoothly between them.

Sismondi shared this news with the media during an interview with Univision. She expressed how happy she was to be sharing her life with Ron, who is famous for his portrayal of Santiago in the hit TV series, “La Piloto”.

Sismondi is Smitten with José Ron

The prominent model could not help but gush about how in love she is with José Ron. She declared that he is a wonderful guy with a great personality. Sismondi also spoke about how Ron has a good sense of humor and how they share many common interests.

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Sismondi also revealed that she had met Ron when he travelled to Argentina to attend a film festival. The two of them hit off well, and they kept in touch with each other through social media.

The Couple is now Open about their Relationship

Earlier, Ron had been tight-lipped about his relationship status. However, Sismondi’s revelation has put an end to all the speculation. The couple is now open about their relationship, and their fans are thrilled to hear this news.

What’s Next for the Couple?

Sismondi and Ron are both at the peak of their careers, and they have hectic schedules. But the model assures that they will try to spend as much time together as possible. She revealed that she would love to come to Mexico and explore the country with Ron.

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The couple seems to be doing well, and we wish them all the happiness in their relationship.


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