Ex-Fiscal Predicts Messina Denaro Will Refuse to Cooperate with Anti-Mafia Investigations

Pietro Graso, former National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor, hails apprehension of fugitive ‘Boss Of Bosses’ after 30-year manhunt

Former National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Pietro Graso has come forward in an exclusive interview with EFE to celebrate the apprehension of fugitive ‘Boss Of Bosses’ Matteo Messina Denaro on Monday, ending the mafiosi’s 30 year manhunt.

Grasso spoke of the deep emotions felt when in 2016 he captured Bernardo Provenzano, a fugitive for 43 years, as well as his high hopes for justice with the capture of Messina Denaro. He remarked that “It is the crowning of a great objective after so much sacrifice, so much work, patient waits and also failures”.

On the incredulity that mafiosi of such caliber can remain hidden in Sicily itself for decades, Grasso noted that it is much easier for them to stay in the territory “where the people with whom they do business protect them”.

Graso also spoke of Messina Denaro’s capture being due to a gap in his protection system, when his tumor and other treatments required him to expose himself and register in a clinic in Palermo. He added that even with the capture, it does not mean that the mafia is over noting that “There is still a lot to do”.

Grasso concluded by underlining the importance of the apprehension, noting that “ Messina Denaro has fallen and with it, the myth of impunity and the invincibility of the mafia. In the end Justice, with patience and sacrifices, manages to finish capturing the gangsters”.  The former National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor also said that this event reminded him of his friend Giovanni Falcone, a Sicilian prosecutor who was killed by the mafia in 1992, making this day a special one.

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