HomeNewsEvo Morales Accuses Peru of Hiding 'Crimes of Genocide'

Evo Morales Accuses Peru of Hiding ‘Crimes of Genocide’

Evo Morales Accuses Peru of Hiding ‘Crimes of Genocide’

Morales calls for a “transition” in neighbouring Peru, facing protests to demand the resignation of the President Boluarte

Former Bolivian president Evo Morales has called for a “transition” in neighbouring Peru, facing protests to demand the resignation of the President Dina Boluarte after he was accused by the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office of the alleged crime of “attacking national integrity”.

Morales wrote in a tweet that “congressmen prosecuted for sedition by ignoring the people’s vote” are trying to “hide crimes of genocide, torture and discrimination against our Peruvian brothers”.

He also lamented that the “transition” in the neighbouring country “has more deaths than days of government”. The former president of Bolivia maintained an active presence in Peru, especially in the southern regions, during Pedro Castillo’s government with the aim of promoting the Runasur project.

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Previously, the Peruvian judiciary admitted a complaint filed by Congressman Jorge Montoya against Morales, of “attacking national integrity”, which was presented on January 5.

In addition, the Government of Peru prohibited Morales and eight other Bolivians from entering the neighbouring country because they believe they will politically proselytize.

In response to the government’s decision, Morales said that this situation was done to “distract” and avoid responsibility for the events in that country.

Protests in Peru have left 41 dead in direct clashes and seven more people have died “due to traffic accidents and events related to the blockade”.

The protesters demand the resignation of President Boluarte, the closure of Congress, the advancement of general elections to 2023 and the call for a Constituent Assembly.

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