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Everything you need to know about how to use bleach in the washing machine

Getting our clothes to be impeccable is not always easy, and in some cases it will even seem impossible. Luckily there are some tricks that allow us to obtain better results, and if you know how to use bleach in washing machine you will get rid of those stubborn stains that resist being removed. What are the keys with her?

The first thing is to clarify that bleach for washing machines is an efficient detergent, which has become popular in many houses in the country. Both in Spain and in the rest of the world its effect is valued. introduced by Claude Louis Bertholet in 1785This product is an indispensable one when it comes to home cleaning.

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But how to use bleach in the washing machine?

If you take advantage of its action in other home situations but until now you have never introduced bleach into this appliance, you should know that there is a variant specially designed for such purposes, which gets rid of dirt regardless of its origin. That is why it is an essential ally if one of your pants or shirts appears stained without explanation.

However, before resorting to this chemical article, you must verify that the fabrics that you are going to wash are suitable for detergent. Certain textiles can suffer damage if they are subjected to the substances that make up the bleach, and it is better that you be careful.

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In general, it is not a good idea to apply bleach to clothes made of very sensitive materials such as silk, lycra and acetate. Even assuming that the clothes do indeed hold up to bleach, you should put a minimal amount of this cleaner in the washing machine.

The secret to the success of bleach is in the perfect dosage. But, How to calculate the ideal amount?

In principle, 100 ml of bleach will be fine for washing dirty clothes and if the water hardness is “soft” or “medium”. But if the clothes you are going to wash are very dirty or the water in your city is very hard, you should add 150 ml to 200 ml.

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Most of the washing machines have a specific drawer for the bleach. If yours does not have one, you have to add it to the detergent drawer during the second rinse. Once the washing process is finished, your clothes will look like they were just bought.

As you can see, it is something simple, but you must keep in mind the type of clothing and its materials.

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