Everton’s Alex Iwobi Provides First-Hand Insight into Tottenham Sensation Dele Alli


Alex Iwobi Shares Thoughts on Dele Alli

Alex Iwobi has shared his thoughts on former Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli and what the Everton-owned player is like in training.

The 27-year-old is on Everton’s books, but after struggling to make an impact at Goodison Park last season following his January move from Tottenham, he was shipped out on-loan to Besiktas in the summer – his alarming decline has continued.

Alex Iwobi has shared that, when in training, Dele Alli, could be ‘a joke’, in a positive way, when there are games on, but other than that, if it’s the usual drills, then he is ‘slow with it’ and the manager just ‘doesn’t trust him’, as he told FilthyFellas.

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Dele Alli’s Training Performance

Albeit for a six-month period, Iwobi got to see what Dele was like on a daily basis in training and he shared the following insight. “With him, he will say it himself, he isn’t a training player,” said Iwobi. “Unless it’s a match in training and then you see Dele perform.

“When it comes to training matches, he is a joke. When it comes to drills – he tries, but because he’s slow with it. When it comes to games, he will score and assist or something.

“It was hard for him to play. If you’re not just doing it in training, and at the time, the manager needed reliable players. He couldn’t really put his trust in him. We all know Dele could have performed.”

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Everton Should Get Rid of Dele Alli

Unless there is a dramatic change over the summer, there is no point in Everton keeping hold of the goalscoring midfielder because his game isn’t of the standard required anymore.

Now, the Toffees will want to be playing Premier League football next season, and in order for them to do that, they need to avoid relegation to the Championship on Sunday by beating Bournemouth.

Even if they drop, Dele isn’t the answer for the rebuild that will be required whether they are a top-flight or second-tier side next season.

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