Eurozone Records Trade Deficit of 11.7 Billion in November

Eurozone Trade Exchanges Up Compared To Previous Year: Eurostat

Eurostat, the Community statistics office, has reported that the Eurozone trade exchanges are up. As compared to the same month of the previous year, the deficit was 20,700 million in November.

Exports from Eurozone to the rest of the world were 264.7 billion euros, representing a year-on-year growth of 17.2%. Imports stood at 276.3 billion euros, also showing a 20.2% rise.

Trade between the 19 countries sharing the same currency was 241,500 million euros, signifying a 16.8% increase. In the same 11 months period, exports grew by 18.9% and imports by 40.5%.

The EU, as a whole, registered a deficit of 20,700 million euros in November. Exports of goods from the EU rose to 237,300 million euros (17.7%more). Imports increased from 258,000 million (21.5% jump).

The trade deficit between January and November of the year for the EU was 418.4 billion euros. The trade deficit with China was 370,000 million euros and 143,000 with Russia. The surpluses with the United States and the United Kingdom stood at 137,600 and 100,900 million respectively in the same period.

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