European Parliament Requests Veto of Moroccan Representatives During Investigation

European Parliament sharply acts on Corruption Scandal, Spanish Socialists Votes against

The European Parliament (EP) sharply acted on Thursday and requested for restricting the representatives of Morocco, Qatar and Mauritania from entering its premises while the ongoing investigation proceeds on the charges of corruption scandal.

The amendments in this regard were sponsored by the Greens and the Left faction of the chamber and they got further support from majority of the Chamber in the resolution vocalizing against the situation of journalist in Morocco. This resolution passed by 356 votes in favor, 32 against and 42 abstentions, out of which 17 votes were casted by Spanish Socialists. Iratxe Garcia, the president of European Social Democrats also voted in favor, standing with the previous stance of her group in the Eurochamber.

The resolution also talks about conveying the “deep concern” over the “accusations that the Moroccan authorities have corrupted members of the European Parliament”, while another amendment calls for the application of same measure as in the case of Taste representatives. Further, it also condemns the misuse of sexual allegation by Moroccan authorities to deter journalists from doing their job and also called for regulation to protect journalists instead of spying on them.

Finally, the resolution states to use the influence of EU members for bringing about improvements in the human rights situation in Morocco.

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