European Investments Promote Green Initiatives to Support Colombian Peace Efforts

At a recent forum in Bogotá, participants from Europe and Latin America discussed clean energy as part of Colombia’s “Total Peace” plan. Three regions were highlighted as examples of the energy transition and decarbonization being proposed in Colombia: La Guajira, the Amazon, and the Chocó region. These territories historically lack access to energy and communication, but bringing electricity could lead to their inclusion. The forum aimed to identify objectives and needs for green transformations, with the Digital Alliance proposed by Europe and 145 million euros for Latin America on the table.

Javier Campillo, General Director of the Institute for Planning and Promotion of Energy Solutions, explains that technology must serve to change society. The European Union is undergoing a reindustrialization process, this time with clean technologies like hydrogen. The decarbonization process in European countries was impacted by the war against Ukraine, raising risks and opportunities. Colombia supplied 9% of the coal that Germany consumed in 2022, reaching an all-time high. However, Europe is taking prototypes out of universities to accelerate its technological development, and Campillo believes it’s time to invest in new technologies and have a knowledge transfer process.

The Global Gateway plan by Brussels expects to mobilize 300 billion euros to invest in partner countries, with 6,050 of them for Latin America. Colombia still has energy potential in hydrocarbons that will generate significant income, but it’s time to take advantage of momentum and invest in new technologies. Campillo says that when sources like solar, wind, and geothermal are available, the processes require a lot of technology that is limited in the EU for the demand they will have. The exchange announced will favor both sides. The forum also discussed supporting areas with conflict over coca by supporting legal, sustainable alternatives like medical cannabis. European green investment could contribute many advantages to “Total Peace.”

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