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European Cultural Agenda Gets Appointment

European Cultural Agenda Gets Appointment

This week, Europe is hosting exhibitions of three of the most renowned artists of the 20th century. Spain is showcasing the color photographs of Jacques Henri Lartigue, the Netherlands is honoring the 125th anniversary of MC Escher’s birth, and the UK is displaying a collection of Mike Nelson’s works.

In Madrid, the Fundación Canal de Madrid has opened a special exhibition of Lartigue’s color photographs, which were taken during the period of “les trente glorieuses” and captured the “happy moments” of life. Lartigue himself said that “colour is the best way to capture the charm and poetry of life.”

The Hague is celebrating MC Escher’s legacy with the exhibition “Escher – Another World” at the Kunstmuseum. In addition to Escher’s works, the exhibition features architectural installations that bring his strange and curious world to life.

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Finally, the Hayward Gallery in London has been completely transformed with Mike Nelson’s installations and sculptures made from recycled materials. These large-scale works have never been seen before, and are sure to leave a lasting impression.

This week, Europe offers a unique opportunity to explore the work of these three great 20th century artists. Don’t miss out!

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